Medlong JOFO attended Asian Nonwovens Exhibition and Conference

On May 22, 2024, at Asian Nonwovens Exhibition and Conference (ANEX 2024), Medlong JOFO showcased new type of nonwoven fabric – Biodegradable PP Nonwoven and other new nonwoven materials.

The appearance, physical properties, stability, and life of Biodegradable PP Nonwoven are consistent with normal PP Nonwovens, and the shelf life remains the same and can be guaranteed. This unique advantage attracted many visitors from Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia.


It is worth mentioning that Dr. Peter Tsai, the world’s Father of N95 Masks, came to the scene and provided valuable guidance for Medlong JOFO research and development work.


ANEX 2024 marks the official launch of Medlong JOFO Biodegradable PP Nonwoven to the market, taking a great step towards achieving the corporate vision of “creating a healthier and cleaner world”.